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CANBERRA: 32 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT 2612 | Open 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday | +61 (0)2 6162 1717 | email: click here    



C U R R E N T  E X H I B I T I O N


One Man's Passion - Estate of Alan Bishop Indigenous Works 14 March–05 April 2015 see images here

RONNIE TJANPITJINPA 'Water Dreaming'  acrylic on canvas 101.5 x 89 cm

P A S T  E X H I B I T I O N S


JAMES WILLEBRANT 'Through My Mind's Eye...' 07–30 November 2014 see images here

Top: 'From the Deep End' (Manuka Pool)  acrylic on canvas  76 x 112 cm   Bottom: 'Night Swimming'  acrylic on canvas  92 x 96 cm


STEPHEN TREBILCOCK Solo Exhibition 10 October-02 November 2014 see images here

'Macrocarpa'  oil on canvas  120 x 140 cm



JI CHEN '2014 | 25 Years' 19 September–05 October 2014 see images here

'View from Lady Denman Drive'  oil on canvas  150 x 160 cm


TONY GILES 'More Girls' 30 August - 14 September 2014 see images here

Top Left: 'Country Girl'  102 x 102       Top Left: 'Telephone Girl'  80 x 80      Bottom: 'Turkish Bath'  60 x 120    all oil on canvas



GAVIN PLAYFAIR 'A Natural Selection' 9-24 August 2014 see images here

'Black Cockatoo' acrylic  91 x 69 cm                                                            'Galah II' acrylic 63 x 53 cm



DIANA WATSON 'Cornucopia' 19 July - 3 August 2014 see images here

Top: 'All the Things You Are' oil on Italian linen  107 x 137 cm  Bottom: 'Uno Momento' oil on Italian linen  107 x 137 cm

DIRECTORS' CHOICE 14 June - 13 July 2014

'The House on the Hill' acrylic on canvas  31 x 41 cm


GARY LAIRD 'Coast and Country' 17 May - 8 June 2014
see images here

'Back Burn' acrylic on stretched canvas  85 x 195 cm


RICK EVERINGHAM 'Travelling On' 5-27 April 2014
see images here

'Little Church in Greece 13' oil on Italian linen  30 x 30 cm           'Work Boat, Venice'  oil on Italian linen  41 x 41 cm


ANDREW BAINES 'The Master of Loneliness' 8-30 March 2014 see images here

'Wailing at the Wind' acrylic on canvas  72 x 120 cm 


STEVE HARRIS 'Light and Shadow' 8 February-2 March 2014 see images here

'Yea, though I walk through the valley of ....  Whoa! A Cop!' acrylic on canvas  101 x 152 cm 


MAKI HORANAI 'poems in a tree' 26 October-17 November 2013 see images here

'poems in a tree' acrylic on linen  91 x 122 cm













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Paintbox Fine Art is Canberra's premier commercial art gallery space and has a year round exhibition program representing award-winning artists from across Australia. Prominent amongst them are a number of emigré Chinese artists who settled in Australia after the tumultuous events in Tianenmen Square in 1989. These artists have brought a new vigour to artistic life in Australia. A visit to Paintbox is a must for art enthusiasts.
Paintbox is located amidst the buzz of the boutiques, cafes and bars in Lonsdale Street, Braddon and just a short walk from the city centre. Lonsdale Street is the 'hot spot' in Canberra with some of the city's most popular eateries and restaurants. Italian & Sons, Delissio, Debacle, 86, Autolyse, Elk & Pea and now, the go to coffee destination, Lonsdale Street Roasters. All jostle for pavement space alongside the boutique shops [no malls here!] and the new pop-up shops in Lonsdale Traders now located in the 'retired' Discount Tyres building.
For visitors to Canberra touring the national institutions, Paintbox is only a short drive from the National Museum, National Library, National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery [NGA]