Small Wonder 2011 Ray Barnett | Melissa Becker | David Shanahan | Datsun Tran | Lois Watson | Jan Weir

Ray Barnett, Melissa Becker, David Shanahan, Datsun Tran, Lois Watson, Jan Weir

Just in time for Christmas shopping, 'Small Wonder' is a group show featuring a delightful collection of small paintings from artists Ray Barnett, Datsun Tran and Jan Weir and introducing the work of Melissa Becker and Irish artist David Shanahan.

Ray Barnett was born in London and now resides in Canberra. His wonderful watercolours capture people at work and play. Buyers include the Irish, Hungarian and Vietnamese Embassies. Old Parliament House purchased a major work and used the image for their 2002 Christmas card. A recent commission was presented to the Crown Prince of Thailand. Nick Seymour of ‘Crowded House’ owns a painting set in Dublin.

Datsun Tran born Melbourne 1980. studied Advertising Creative at RMIT and worked in graphic design, comics, theatre and radio. ‘I started making my birds as an object I could stick up in the streets and alleys in busy cities around the world. I wanted to give people little unexpected surprises, something that would get their attention and make them smile. I think the bird is such a strong symbol, it has a transcendent quality that lifts people from their lower self to their higher self, from material world to the spiritual world.’

Jan Weir gained her Associate Diploma, Painting from the ANU School of Art in 1983. Since that time, she has held annual exhibitions in galleries Canberra, NSW and Victoria. Weir has won numerous awards for her work and her glorious joy-filled depictions of coastal scenes and still lifes have charmed their way into collections the world over.  A firm favourite with our regular customers.

Melissa Becker was born in South Africa and trained in New York, Becker’s earliest shows were in New York. She now lives and works in Sydney. She has painted a vibrant collection of still lifes for this exhibition.

David Shanahan was born and raised in Southern Ireland, although he now lives in Devon. Thus it is an Irish sensibility that motivates the subject matter of his work. The natural tension between Christian and pagan, myth and reality, past versus present, provides him with rich material. Catholic Church with tales of repressed sexuality, angels and resurrection, combines with earthy peasant tales of ghosts, talking birds and horned men. Fortunately for us the deep impressions made on David as a boy continue to inform his work, giving it a vitality - an iconic feast of humorous subject matter for the viewer to delight in. His works are held in in private collections worldwide, including those of Lord Bath, Lord Weymouth, David Bowie, Ben Kingsley and Lord Sawyer.

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